F-L-Y To Hawaii With The Rascals!

Image of Rascals in Hawaii

When The Rascals' huge Pan Am jet landed in Honolulu's beautiful Hilo International Airport, Felix, Dino, Gene and Eddie were staggered by the fantastic reception awaiting them. Hawaii's top radio station K-poi had been announcing for days that the islands' faves - The Rascals, of course - were due there soon for a five-day series of concerts. No slackers - those Hawaiian fans - they turned out 2,000 strong to meet and greet The Young Rascals.

The boys, who have visited Hawaii twice previously, decided to extend their visit to seven days, so that when they concluded their work they could let loose and enjoy a little play. So c'mon along with Gene, Dino, Eddie and Felix and share their glorious Hawaiian interlude of work, play, fun and sun!

Image of Rascals in Hawaii
First stop for the Rascals is a press conference
conducted by K-poi deejay Bob Lowrie - also
known as "The Fifth Rascal"
Image of Rascals in Hawaii
Hey fellas! Don't You Think
it's time we did a
little rehearsing?
Image of Rascals in Hawaii
Comin' up - one rehearsal!
Whadya want, Eddie -
small, medium or large?

Image of Rascals in Hawaii
Right before the first of their five sell-out shows,
Gene, Felix, Dino And Eddie smile for 16's camera.
The Rascals' concerts drew the biggest crowds
in the entire history of the islands! The Byrds
were guest stars on the bill with them.

Image of Rascals in Hawaii
Eddie sings A Place In The Sun
for his thousands of Hawaiian fans
Image of Rascals in Hawaii
Felix in one of his beautiful Eastern
Indian shirts, plays his famous long
organ solo on "Cute" (that will be
featured on the boys' brand-new
Atlantic LP)
Image of Rascals in Hawaii
Gene's specialty is I'm So Happy
Now (you can hear it on the Rascals'
new LP Groovin')

Image of Rascals in Hawaii
Dino poses prettily for a pic with Miss
Hawaii - who is feeding him poi,
an island delicacy
Image of Rascals in Hawaii
Hey adorable Dino, come out from behind those
Image of Rascals in Hawaii
Dino and Eddie with "The Cutest
Kid On The Island" - Troy (son of
K-poi program director Tom Moffatt)

Image of Rascals in Hawaii
Fun time begins as Eddie and Gene take their folks island
hopping. Mrs. Brigati is at left, Mrs. Cornish and "Ted"
Cornish are at right.
Image of Rascals in Hawaii
On the Rascals' last night in Hawaii,
Tom Moffatt had a swingin' luau for
them.Surprise guest was Beach Boy
Dennis Wilson!

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