Help Playing On The Barge

The clips range in size from 350K to 636K. Download times are from 1 to 2 minutes each depending on the file size with a 56K modem and a good connection.

The clips you will see are in MPEG format, and most of you using Windows should already have a player which supports this format in your computer. The most common one comes with Windows and is called "media player". It is usually found in the C:\WINDOWS directory with the filename: MPLAYER.EXE. To have your browser call up this player, you must first associate it with the file type video/mpeg. In Netscape you do this by choosing Options/General Preferences/Helpers then scroll down to the file type "video/mpeg", highlight it, then in the gray are below check off "Launch The Application", then below that click "Browse" and navigate to the c:\Windows directory, browse for mplayer.exe file, double click it so its path pops into the white box, then hit ok. Now when you click on an MPEG file, this player will come up to download the movie, making it ready for you to view.


You must have both Quicktime AND the Quicktime MPEG extension. You may download the most current version of Quicktime here and you may get the MPEG extension here.

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