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My Felix Cavaliere site.

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Page.

Tom Brady's Rascal Site

Some Rascal song lyrics are here.

Hammond Links

Hammond Tone Wheel Organ Ring - This is a good place to hook up with many sites dealing with every aspect of the vintage Hammond Organ.

The Hammond/Leslie Age Determination List - This is a great resource using feature lists and serial numbers for determining the age of your Hammond organ or Leslie speaker.

Hammond and Leslie FAQ - A great listing of links including schematics, parts suppliers, sources for purchasing repair and owners manuals and more.

The Hammond-Suzuki Home Page - This is the home page for the Hammond Company itself.

Goff Professional Want to buy a new Hammond XK2 or have repairs done on a vintage one? This Connecticut based 3rd generation Hammond repair family can do it all!

Keyboard Specialties - Midi Hammond conversions of B-3/C-3 and A-100's as well as refurbishing and repairing of the same. They list Felix Cavaliere as one of their past customers and are located in Florida.

Organ Service Company - This company has every Hammond service or owners manual imaginable available for purchase. This page also has a link to their Hammond parts page, listings and prices on all available Hammond parts. They are located in Illinois.

BT Productions - This is the company that sells the "Hammondology" series of video tapes devoted exclusiveley to the Hammond organ. They also sell collector grade Hammonds, Leslie's and other classic keyboards such as Hohner Clavinets (one of my personal faves!) Since they are "purists", you will not find any B3 wannabe's here. They are located in Itasca, Illinois.

Volume 1: This volume presents the essential tour of the Hammond organ by the vastly knowledgeable master Hammond technician and veteran player, Bill Brown. Bill introduces you to Hammond history, many model variations, popular drawbar settings and their application, B-3 construction, routine maintenance tips and procedures, and more. After market products such as solid state pre-amps and Leslie two speed conversion kits are also discussed and reviewed.

Volume 2: Jazz on the Hammond. Volume two of the Hammondology video series brings you Hammond artist and Scandinavian jazz ace Paul Wagnberg. One of the great unsung jazz heroes of the Hammond organ, Paul takes us on a guided instructional tour of his high-powered and hard swinging brand of jazz on the Hammond. Paul demonstrates techniques for chord comping, playing the pedals, shows us the key working set of drawbar settings for jazz organ, how to use the B-3's percussion and chorus/vibrato features, finger exercises,and more.

Volume 3: Gospel on the Hammond. Volume three of the Hammondology video series presents in detail the truly unique style of Gospel Church Hymns played masterfully on the Hammond by Mr. Stan Spencer. Stan demonstrates various styles played first at normal tempo, then repeated at a slowed down tempo so the viewer can clearly see what is being played. With the camera positioned directly above the B-3 keyboards, we have a close and detailed view of Stan's techniques. Stan will coach you through various drawbar settings, chorus & vibrato effects, and percussion settings used in the gospel traditions.

Volume 4: The Live Workshop Tapes: Joey DeFrancesco. An undisputed Hammond virtuoso, Joey takes us inside his masterful art to demonstrate his trademark brand of full-tilt blues and bop, served up over the hardest swinging bass lines in the business. This video presents an in-depth player's clinic, many demonstrations, a one-on-one interview, and a tour de force solo organ performance you won't want to miss. Joey shows beginning Hammond players how to approach simple blues bass lines and chording, explains and demonstrates a variety of more involved techniques for the intermediate, and for advanced players he demonstrates principles behind his extraordinary high velocity outside playing.

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