Laura and Felix
Laura Satele is to the left of Felix,
in the gray pants
shown at a Maryland concert May 29, 1999

The site you are about to enter is dedicated to my dear friend Laura Satele of San Diego, California who passed away unexpectedly Dec. 26, 2002. Laura and I met through the internet from our mutual love of the Rascals. She gave a letter to Felix from me at a Maryland concert I was unable to attend (after she flew 3000 miles to see him perform) which resulted in my meeting Felix Cavaliere in person at my home a few months later. I will never forget her peace-loving ways and her truly honest and giving heart. A gentle person, she gave so much but asked for nothing in return. I spoke with her a few days before she died not knowing this would be our last conversation. There are so many things I had wanted to say to her - not that they hadn't been said in some way before, but I just wanted to make sure she knew how I felt about her. I never got the chance. But her memory will live on with all the Rascal fans that knew her, and I for one, will never forget her. She made the dream of a lifetime come true for me.

Wendy, Webmaster of