Picture The Barge 1966 - only it's 2010! Set in the intimate setting of the Tribeca Grill in Greenwich Village, New York city with a small gathering of people (packed in tightly!). It was the perfect setting for the reunion of IMO the world's greatest rock band! The setting was so so reminiscent of the old days when the band first started. We were at The Young Rascals band reunion show April 24, 2010 and it was of course, awesome! The band played 14 of their hottest hits including the less-heard "See" as the finale and "What Is The Reason". "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen lent a guitar and jammed with the guys during "Good Lovin" along with Steve Van Zandt. Mark Prentice plucked out a perfect bottom-end expertly playing bass, Eddie's wife Susan sang backup and played tambourine, Eddie's brother David also sang backup and Paul Shaffer was the "man behind the curtain" playing additional keyboards for a very full sound. Dino twirled the drimsticks, Gene goofed around, Felix wailed on the Hammond and Eddie let us hear that beautiful voice that still sounds great! It was a dream come true for so many.

We have HD video of the show and here are some clips in HD for you to watch - enjoy! More on the way along with more pictures! Choose 360 or 480 resolution if you have a slower or wireless connection, 720 HD if you have a very fast connection (Verizon fiber, cable, DSL). The frame rate may look lower in the higher resolution versions even if your connection is fast, so try 360 or 480 first as I think the quality is still very good and the frame rate is perfect. Let it buffer all the way through by hitting the pause button for smoothest playback.

A clip from "Come On Up"

While waiting for the show to begin, check out the 60's dancers!

"Good Lovin" never sounded so GOOD!

Eddie doing "How Can I Be Sure"

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